Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Problem of Motivation.

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Starting out with any type of excercise program, it can be really tough to get motivated. I mean, you are essentially going from doing nothing, to sweating your ass off, literally overnight.
Sure, you get some incredibly inshape person telling you to just push play. It's simple, right? For some of us, that's a little harder than it seems.

P90X can be a daunting task. From experience, however, I can tell you the more you push play, the more you will want to push play.

Everybody is different though. For me, I need to trick myself into wanting to push that freakin' button. It's a marathon. Not a sprint.

5 years ago, on my first attempt at P90X (this is my second) I did sort of a pre P90X. For Arms and Back. I only did half the DVD. Same for some of the others. I did this for a few weeks. After the first couple. I really wanted to do the whole DVD, but I still held back. I tricked myself into wanting to do it.

Then when I was ready. I got to work. I did the full videos for 90 days and was happy with the results.

Even now, I'm bagging the AB Ripper, until after the first recovery week. Is that smart? An incredibly in shape person would probably say: NO! For me, holding off on the AB Ripper is going to make me want to do it. Even right now, I'd like to do it, as just 2 weeks in, I'm down 6lbs of FLAB, and seeing some small results. BUT, I'll wait.

So what? It'll be P120X, instead of P90X to get the full results. The goal is that it is not P10X and back to the couch.

Another thing that works for me, is watching something motivational. A clip from a Rocky Movie usually does the trick. Though, I just watched ALI, for the first time all the way through. The ALI/FOREMAN fight at the end was brilliant, coupled with the music and the slow motion-mulit-angle-knock-out punch, that's some motivational stuff.

I feel like I should go knock out George Forman, right now.

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