Tuesday, May 13, 2014

P90X DAY 10: Arms & Shoulders AND trying to be Daniel Haas.

STUFF FOR 2/27/14

I took a 2.28 mile walk today for lunch.
I even have proof:

I actually recommend this app. MAPMYRUN. Not that I have any credibility to recommend anything, but it works well. I used it mostly for running, but there are quite a few features on it that are useful. Not that I use it, but there's a good food calorie counter thing. Blah blah blah.

 photo armsshoulders1_zps0d23fab0.jpg
 photo armsshoulders2_zps01a33ca8.jpg

Arms and Shoulders went well today. I'm too lazy to get the worksheet out, but I increased reps on some excersises, jumped up 5lbs for weight on others.

Overall. Not bad.

When Tony asks Dreya the tip of the day, I always entertain myself by saying it along with her, breathing in, and bugging my eyes out of my head like she does.

Even though I technically have not done P90X all the way through in 5 years. As I was going through my various running phases, I'd still mix in Arms and Shoulders, as well as some Yoga. I've watched these DVD's enough times to pick out every little nuance. "That Lucky Ned Farr."

This DVD is probably my favorite routine. Plus, I like the way Tony constantly busts Daniel's balls throughout the whole thing. On another note, according to Tony, Daniel's "an actor, talented, hire him." BUT, aside from P90X, he's only acted in one other movie according to my stalking of him on IMDB. We need to put together a movie project for Daniel Haas.

Anyway. I'm bagging the AB Ripper until the next round. I know myself. If I start doing it now. It's going to mess up my motivation. 10 Days, in I'm at the point where I want to do it. BUT, I'm going to make myself wait.  "AB Ripper X: I hate it, but I hate it."

I went out and bought the "Heavy Grip" Grips. Those grips you can get at Models, or DICK'S or whatever, are garbage. Don't waste your money. These are the real deal.

I've been reading that the grips will increase hand strength, which in turn will aid in weight lifting, as well as swinging a softball bat. Which is what I'm training for, if you've read my earlier blog entries.
There's a whole routine to follow, which I'm not going to bother to post. Again. Laziness. The idea is to eventually get both silver pieces to touch.

Right now I'm starting on the 150lb Grips. Unfortunately, I've only been able to make it touch for one repition, throughout the whole routine. BUT, I'll get there.

Also in regards to swinging a bat. I read somewhere that Hank Aaron used to swing a bat 100x a day. So, after my workouts each day, I've been swinging a weighted bat.

75X today. Not in row. 40. Then 35. That thing is freakin' heavy. I'm methodical with it. Surgical even. I don't want to screw up my swing, so I am conscious to use good form. For anybody that's ever played baseball or softball. Bad Habits are easy to get in. When I'm done, though, I'll have some greasy fast bat speed.

As for Hank Aaron. 755 should still be the record.

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