Tuesday, May 13, 2014

P90X DAY 12: Legs/Back and Chiclet Teeth.

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Legs and Back
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No matter how many times I have done this routine in the past, It still amuses me when Tony points out Sofia's "Chicklet Teeth" during the warm ups.

I find the first excercise the Hardest. I got to 25 on the right, but could only muster 13 on the left. I think the fact that my foot just feels too awkward on the chair is part of the problem.

I forgot to mention, I'm using the bands for the pullups on all DVD's. I'm going to have to try to make my own custom pullup bar because there's just no where to put one of those "door jobbers" down my basement.

Also, still no AB Ripper. Definitely next phase.

One thing I noticed too, everybody screws up the Groucho Walk. Not one single person on the DVD does it right. Aside from myself and Tony, of course. Chicklet teeth comes the closest.

After taking last night off, I'm back to swinging my weighted bat. 50 straight reps with a break, then another 35. The goal is to do 100 straight like Hammerin' Hank.

The bat I'm swinging, is actually 67.2 ounces. So, it's pretty freakin' heavy. Babe Ruth swung a 54 ounce bat against Major League pitching. Which is insane.

I found a cool article about the heaviest bats used in baseball history:

Aside from that I was feeling pretty good after Leg/Back so I'm working on my infielding. I just take a racquetball and throw it against the wall in my basement, then run around like a lunatic trying to field it.

Right now it's for 5 straight minutes. I throw it at angles to get myself to move left and right. With the slide steps and such, there's sort of a plyo thing going on. That in and of itself is a workout. My goal in the next couple of months is to bump that up to 15 minutes.

I suppose I should be keeping track of this, as from all that I read, diet is more important than exercise.

I believe some people would consider this a cheat day. From what I've shoveled into my mouth as meals in the past. It's not that bad. Baby Steps. I'll get there.

Water. Bagel with butter. 2 slices of bread with butter. 2 eggs. Some bacon. Homefries.

3 Slices of Pizza


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