Wednesday, May 14, 2014

P90X DAY 13: Man Oh Manischewitz, as Tony's Uncle would say.

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STUFF FOR 3/2/14

Today I was forced to go shopping, at gunpoint. Well, it wasn't quite that dramatic, but I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter, so I used my MAPMYRUN app:

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KENPO was "supposed" to be today. Despite Tony's assurance, I just never found KENPO Karate, FUN, FUN, FUN. Instead of kicking and punching air, today, I went for a run.

Again, I go back to the whole motivation thing. For 1, I need a break from the DVD's. 2, the P90X workouts make me look forward to seeing how much farther I can run, on my "KENPO" day.

On a side note, as I was running, I was thinking about doing the P90X workouts, so clearly I'm insane, however, the approach I'm taking this time around definitely has me WANTING to push play.
As I mentioned in another post. I think the key to P90X is to want to push play. Not just begrudgingly rolling off the couch and crawling to the Blue Ray/DVD Player because "you have to." The more you DO push play, the more you will want to. It's mental. Or, 99% Mental. The other half is physical. Yeah.

Some Meathead guy telling you to just push play, isn't going to help. You have to find a way to want to do it yourself. I call it "tricking myself into doing it." Start out slow if you have to. If you have to make it P120X, to get the full effect make it, P120X. It's better than P10X and done.

Not sure if it was the runners high, or all the hits of crystal meth I did before I started but, while I was running, my legs felt really strong.

Technically, I started P90X on 2/18. I really started doing a little bit on 2/1 to lead up to it. 2/1, I ran 1.5 miles and that wiped me out. I also did PLYO each of the first 2 weeks of February.

Today I ran...err, jogged 7 miles. And I was really surpised how strong I felt. Not a great pace, 13.10 minutes per mile. And, I certainly got tired the last mile or so, but I really was impressed with well, myself. I even said out loud as I was running, "Shit, I feel pretty good."

Before I ran, I had gone to work and got my YOGA DVD. I did the first half hour up until the break. I'm going to try to work in this first half hour of YOGA as much as possible. So, far it seems to help.

I cut back on my bat swings just for today. Only 20x today, but I made them really slow and methodical.

For Breakfast I had 2 Nutra Grain Waffles. Or something like that. I put butter and used syrup. Sue me.
For Dinner, my wife and I made Chicken soup. I had about 5 pieces of french bread, some Picorano Ramona Cheese and one bowl of Soup. And I was pretty full.

The most amazing thing is the whole weekend, I only had one beer.
This freakin' blog is guilting me into eating better.

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