Wednesday, May 14, 2014

P90X DAY 14: Don't say I can't, Say I presently am incompetent at this thing.

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STUFF FOR 3/3/14
Today was supposed to be the STRETCH Day.

I was feeling good, so I did the first half hour of YOGA up until the break.

I was surprised with the hand grips today. I was able to close the 150lbs grips quite a few times during the routine. So, there's some progress there.

I already failed my 4 day salad for dinner challenge. Though, I still ate pretty well. For me. Anyway.

2 Nutri Grain Waffles. One with Butter and SIZZZURUP. One without.

Turkey, Lettuce and Provolone Cheese on Rye Sandwich. I don't practice SAFE LUNCH, so I never use any condiments.

My Turkey sandwich was just too damn delicious, that I had to have another one. No condiments. I don't practice safe dinner either. I had a handful of Baked Chips, and a bowl of Chicken Soup.

Finally, if you have never seen it, this parody of P90X is dead on:

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