Wednesday, May 14, 2014

P90X Day 15: I've got a Navy Bean goin' on Right Here

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STUFF FOR 3/4/14

Today I started out by doing the first half hour of Yoga...Again, before I left work. I'm really starting to see some big improvements with flexibility. I can actually get through the the first half hour (up until the break) without the Yoga blocks.

Though this is what my face looked like when I thought my hamstrings were going to snap.
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 photo chestback1_zps8f8de9f6.jpg
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Today was Chest/Back. Not bad for this one either. I've managed to get some extra reps in on all the push up exercises from last week. For pull-ups I'm still using the bands. Eventually I will make that pull-up bar, but for now I'm going to bump up to the 25lbs band.

I also need to start posting my stat sheets.

Heavy Bat
I swung my bat 60 times, then another 40.

2 Nutri Grain Waffles. One with Syrup. One without.

Turkey and Cheese on Rye. With one of them low fat string Cheese things

Bowl of chicken Soup. Salad. No dressing. I'm 1 for 2 on my 4 day salad for dinner challenge.

Last, but not least
I found the most awesome results picture from doing P90X.
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