Friday, May 16, 2014

P90X DAY 28: More Yoga instead of Stetch X.

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Today was supposed to be the Stretch Day. Instead of that I did the first half hour of Yoga. I just find the Stretch too boring.

I also decided, since I missed half of Chest/Back and the last series of Excercises on Arms/Shoulders I am going to hold off on the Recovery and stick with Phase 1, one more week.

STUFF FOR 3/17/14


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Hand Grips
I'm closing the 150lb Grips much more throughout the different excercises. I tried the 250lb grip but I cannot even come close to closing.

2 Whole Grain Waffles with butter and Syrup

Salad. Lettuce, Onion, red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and grated Cheese
Turkey and Provolone Cheese on Rye

String Cheese

In honor of St. Patrick's Day. The. Best. Irish. Song:

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