Monday, May 19, 2014

P90X DAY 35: Yoga and I feel awful.

Well, I feel like shit. As I mentioned it was my Anniversary and there's some bizarre tradition where you eat a piece of wedding cake a year later. SO, I had a piece of my year old Wedding Cake from the very top, that we froze. Perhaps it is a coincidence, I'm assuming not, but I had a fever and Chills, then I was sweating my ass off. Just to play it safe, my advice would be to eat your Wedding Cake at your Wedding. Only at your Wedding.

STUFF FOR 3/24/14
Instead of the Stretch, I did the 1st half hour of Yoga...Again. Since I will be entering my Recovery week (which I put off for 2 weeks) I did the pushups before going into downward dog each time.

Hand Grips
Did some reps with the 200lbers and Negatives with the 250's

2.07 Miles

(2) Nutri Grain Waffles with Butter and Syrup

110 Cal Peanut Butter Bar thing

110 Cal Peanut Butter Bar thing

(2) Smaller Baked Potatoes with Butter
The rest of my Filet from Saturday
Some Fried Shrimp

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