Monday, May 19, 2014

P90X DAY 37: Yoga and Core Synergistics...because I'm stupid.

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STUFF FOR 3/26/14
I still felt pretty awful. Though, slightly less awful than the day before. I was able to at least function. A smart human being would have probably given themselves one more day to recover. But, like Joe Pesci admits in this scene from Casino, "I'm @#$%in' stupid."

Since I missed YOGA, the day before, I forced myself to get it done before Core.
For the first time since I started P90X on 2/18, I went past the first half hour YOGA to include the right angle pose. I was actually pretty impressed with myself. That move where you have to reach under your leg was actually not complete torture this time around. So, there's that.

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Today's offical workout was Core. Since I am sick. I was feeling pretty wiped out, but I made it through. Looking back at my notes from 5 years ago, I was still on pace with what I did back then. One difference was the prison pushups. I could only get to 4. Normally I would have tried to push it, but I figured I'd take a little easy. Also the Plank to Chataranga Run was more of a Plank only jog.

I found a small Tee Ball bat to use for the "light" bat reps. Not sure on the weight yet. I'll weigh it eventually

Heavy x 12 *** Light x 12 *** Heavy x 12 *** Light x 12 *** Heavy x 12 *** 33OZ x 20 ***

(4) Nutri Grain Waffles with butter and Syrup.

Turkey and Cheese Hoagie. Lettuce Onion. Lite Oil. No Mayo.

This was pretty much me during my fever induced delirum 2 past couple days:

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