Monday, May 19, 2014

P90X DAY 40: Core Synergistics...just barely.

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STUFF FOR 3/29/14
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As I was a couple excercises in, I immediately thought, I should have took still another day off to recover from this FLU. I was able to get through the whole DVD, but did have to hit pause quite a few times.

I wanted to try to push through it, just because I know myself. I did not want to take a couple days off in a row, then another one, then the next thing I know I'm starting P90X all over again from the begining, 2 months later.

Mentally, perhaps these first 40 days have changed my way of thinking. I don't really believe at this point I would allow myself to do nothing again for weeks and have to start back at the begining, but I figured just to be safe, I'd torture myself and force the Core workout.

Heavy x 12 *** Light x 12 *** Heavy x 12 *** Light x 12 *** Heavy x 12 *** 33OZ x 20 ***

Well, after I thought my apetite took a turn for the better I still couldn't really eat too much. Finally toward the end of the day, I started feeling better.

Turkey and Cheese Hoagie. No Mayo
6 Coor Lites

In honor of all the Banana Rolls and Superman Banana's I've done:

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