Tuesday, May 13, 2014

P90X DAY 9: Plyo Cures Tooth Aches

Stuff for 2/26/14
Wednesday was my plyo day. Which, was almost the exact same thing as seeing a dentist. Both because I #@$%in' hate going to the dentist and for the fact that it made me forget my last remaining wisdom tooth was bothering me.

My wife always asks me the question of why I did not just get them all out at the same time. The simple answer is: I'm an idiot.

And as for a Plyo dentist, Tony Horton is a regular Tim Watley.

Since this is my second week, I struggled. Obviously.
I had to Pam the Blam it, and modify, modify, modify, but I was able to get through the whole damn thing, without having to hit pause. Granted, I wasn't able to keep up, with "the kids" but, I'll get there.

Aside from the that, I took a lunch and walked 2.3 Miles.

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