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P90X DAY 127-129: A bunch of P90X Stuff and Some "Results" Pictures.

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I've been putting off posting my results pictures. As "results" would indicate I'm finished with something. I guess maybe, "progress" pictures would be a better word. 

Due to this, I've learned that I'd never hack it as a painter since I'm neurotic and could never finish a painting. I'd always see it as something to fix or adjust. Well, first, I suppose I would need talent to paint. But that's neither here nor there.

I ALSO learned from taking these "selfies" I would have never been unable to cut it as a teenager these days. I'm just completely out of touch.

I could not get the Art of the "selfie" down. Perhaps I should take a class. 1000's upon 1000's of "selfies" later, I suppose the pictures below were the least worst. 

The BEFORE pictures were actually taken on 3/2/14. I got off the couch on 2/1 at 221 lbs.  Now I'm down to 193.

I honestly did not take pictures at the start because I did not believe I would stick with it. I have some pictures I took on my old phone, a year or more earlier that are a better indication of the "project" that was "Day 1," but I can't figure out how to pull them off of there. Perhaps when I'm taking my "selfie" class they go over stuff like that too.

Without THAT picture, this is probably the most accurate thing I can find for comparison sake:


 photo photo3_zps9be48b8d.png  

If anything I need to work on my posture. I should probably incorporate into Legs/Back, walking with a book on my head like Marsha did on The Brady Bunch. Maybe try to balance one up there while doing the "Sneaky Lunges."  photo photo2_zps92e91a3c.jpg  photo resultsfront_zps25a8bd7b.jpg  

I'm thinking the "results" could possibly be 83% due to my Tan. But, I digress.

Eventually, I am going to move onto T25. I was planning to start 7/7, And ramble on about that. BUT, I have still more I want to accomplish with P90X. I have a score to settle with one arm pushups.

So. I'll give my complete P90X recap right before I start T25.

I will mention I worked REALLY hard at the workouts. However. I never did Ab Ripper once. Nor Kenpo. Though, on Kenpo days I usually tried to go running or some other form of Cardio.

I also never went past the Warrior 3 moves in Yoga X, because I can't stand the hour and half workout. Though, I did incorporate the first half hour of Yoga X 2-4 times a week. Due to this, I went from hating Yoga, to actually not really minding it.

AND I started slow. 

On 2/1 I began doing some light running and mixed in some P90X DVDs just to get myself moving again. I did not officially start the program until 2/18.

I also did not follow any nutrition plan. 

My philosophy this time around was to do things my way. That's not to say eat Junk 24/7. I tried to take what I was eating and improve on it. Little bit little. It's a process. 

For the most part, I cut out junk foody type sugar, aside, OF COURSE, from my Crumb Danish Wednesdays. And I don't drink Soda. So, that helps. However, I did drink a ton of beer, which I kept mostly to weekends AND I still had my Pizza and my Cheese steaks.

Would my results be better and quicker if I followed a nutrition plan? Absolutely. 

However, for me, I have found doing a complete 180 with my diet at the START, may last for a few weeks or even a month. But I get burned out, THEN eventually everything goes to hell AND even the mere thought of doing a workout or trying to eat healthier inevitably leaves me like this:

Besides, I'm trying to change my life not just a few weeks.

Doing things My Way, kept me going, especially at the beginning. When it comes to any of these type of workouts, P90X, T25, Whatever, I think the key is to find someway to keep yourself going and stay with it. After that. It does get easier. 

Also, seeing results at Day 130, makes it much easier to eat Grilled Chicken for Dinner, instead of...Doughnuts. It's easier now to reel in my diet then it was at Day 1. Nutrition still is NOT easy. BUT now, I feel it's doable. So. I'll keep making my adjustments. And keep improving. 

Even better. I can finally fit into my jeans again.

STUFF FOR 6/24/14
Just the first half hour.

 photo chestshoulderstri_zpsf519c9e2.jpg photo chestshoulderstric1_zps6b402e48.jpg

My Big accomplishment here was for the  Pushups. I was able to do the complete 16 Fast and 9 Slow. It was Ugly. But I did it. 

So What. So WHAT!? So let's dance.

FOOD Breakfast  
(2) English Muffins with Butter
Granola Bar
Shrimp/Chicken Nuggets/Fries

STUFF FOR 6/25/14
Plyo X
Definitely my best day yet of Plyo. I ALSO went from being annoyed at Dominic when I first started, watching him "jump through the roof," while I couldn't even slide a dime under my feet, to, Being motivated to keep up with him during the workout. Not near there yet. But, I'm getting closer.


2 Miles

Hand Grips   
20lbs x20 Each Hand x3  
20lbs Inverted x20 Each Hand x3  
150lbs x7 Each Hand x3    
150lbs Inverted x7 Each Hand x3  
200lbs Negatives (Hold for 7 sec) Each Hand x3

Crumb Danish
(12) Chick Fila Nuggets  
Grilled Chicken/Baked Potato

STUFF FOR 6/26/14
 photo backbiceps_zpsada65739.jpg
 photo backbiceps1_zpsab1d1532.jpg

Cut Lawn
According to My Map My Run, I walked 2.55 miles. I didn't realize I had that much property.

Egg/Cheese on a Biscuit

Grilled Chicken/Baked Potato

I really worked hard to get where I'm at. So far. But, there's still a lot of work to do. And if I can do it. Anybody can do it. After all. Even though at times, it certainly seemed like it, It's not Rocket science.

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