Thursday, June 5, 2014

P90X DAY 62: Searching for my Dog: The Miscellaneous Youtube Video Edition.

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STUFF FOR 4/20/14
Happy Easter.

I was going to push Yoga to today. However, as far as workouts go, I just decided that I would do Nothing.

I did, however, get exercise for the day, in the form of walking my neighborhood, looking for my escape artist dog. AND, That's an escape-artist, dog. Not a creative a dog who paints pictures of escapes.
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I'm not exactly sure where a comma or hyphen goes to make it make sense.

He's a great dog, however, he can be an egotistical self-promoting narcissist, as evidenced by his profile pic from his personal Facebook page:
 photo kalas333_zps42424d21.jpg

In any event.

My wife and I were watching her cousin's dog as well, so with the 2 of them now together, I knew they would be up to something. Hatching some sort of scheme.

If only I had given them each a back handed threat about escaping, by regaling them with a story of the Emperor Claudius:

Had it involved digging. I am assuming their escape would have gone something like this:

or this:

The reality is, they had pushed through the lattice to get under my deck and then crawled right to freedom.

To make matters worse, I had taken off my dog's collar. Not realizing I did THAT, my wife had let both of them out in the yard. So, of course. That would make it...all her fault. (not sure what this clip is, but it seemed appropriate)

After about 10 minutes of eerie quiet, I happened to check the back yard. Sure enough. The two of them had vanished like the greatest magic trick ever captured on video.

This was pretty much our reaction to the now vacant back yard:

Without his collar, whoever found him would have no way to contact us. I would later find out the phone number on the other dog's collar was no good.

So, I went around questioning my neighbors if they had seen My furry Andy Dufrense:

In the mean time, I had sent my wife out to look for a similar dog to her cousin's, that we could pass off as "Hank," until we found the real one. (Well...that part actually didn't happen.)

Then, suddenly, like Stu from The Hangover, I knew where they were, well, I knew where our dog would be anyway.

From taking him on long walks, he was fascinated with one house that had a couple of barking dogs.
Luckily, he was there AND even more luckier, his partner had followed him.

So, a lesson to be learned. Keep your collar on your dog, and when you walk him, make sure he knows a fun house to go where there will be other dogs.

Slice of Pizza

Mashed Potatos
(4) Coors Lites

It doesn't have anything to do with anything. I just like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Well, maybe I can shoe horn this into something about the next time my dog tries to escape, "who knows Where or When?"

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