Thursday, June 5, 2014

P90X DAY 65: 1.74 Mile Run & My Mildly Embarrasing Excuse to Avoid Plyometrics

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STUFF FOR 4/23/14
I was able to get a quick 1.74 Mile Run in.

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AND I DID actually have all intentions of doing PLYO. However, my wife was watching a movie...and I became fascinated with it.
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Seriously, I kept saying to myself, I'll just watch a little more, then I'll go do PLYO. The next thing I know, the freakin' thing is nearly over. My wife had been asleep for an hour and I'm on the edge of my seat watching it by myself.

Well, I wasn't exactly on the edge of my seat, but I thought it was great. If it was the 1970's or 80's and I had one of those Roto Dialing House phones, I would have taken the phone off the hook so nobody could disturb my viewing.

Besides, I really like those Time/Time-Travel-ish type movies. GroundHogs Day, It's a Wonderful Life.

Though, subconsciously, my brain could have just been telling me, "Hey, man, this movie is GREAT," and tricked me into not doing PLYO.

Well, anyway, for guy stuff, Jennifer Garner's boss was the guy who voiced Gollum in Lord of the Rings:
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And the Incredible Hulk was in it:
 photo 250px-Incredible-hulk-20060221015639117_zps21c8f081.jpg

Well, not the actual Incredible Hulk (that would have been awesome) Just the actor who played him in the Avengers. So, that's kind of manly.

Eh, that's probably more calling attention to my inner nerd than anything else.

Here. Here's the 3 Stooges throwing pies AND some guy Chopping wood.

Joking aside, the movie is like 10 years old now, but definitely worth a watch, if you, like myself, had never seen it before. Jennifer Garner is great.

Anyway, Monday is scheduled as my Rest/Stretch Day, which I never do anyway, so I'll just push PLYO back until then. UNLESS, of course, 13 going on 30, is on again. Then all bets are off.

I came across this picture on REDDIT. Necessity truly is the mother of invention. I certainly could have used this in heavier days. Hell, I think I may try it this summer.
 photo rrrrphoto4_zpsf6468664.png

Well, Wednesdays, are my Crumb Danish Days, and I also had in mind that I was eating for a 2 mile Run & Plyo, which didn't happen.
Crumb Danish

Crumb Danish

Chic Fila 24 Nuggets (Yeah, you read that right)

2 Slices of Pizza

Low Fat Ice Cream

Cuz this is thriller:

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