Friday, June 6, 2014

P90X DAY 85: Chest/Back and Unhelpful Plyo Tips.

STUFF FOR 5/13/14
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Terrible Advice: P90X PLYOMETRICS

Now that THAT'S out of the way.

 photo chestback1_zps8f8de9f6.jpg
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I'll have to admit it. I shed a little tear, since it would be the last time I'm doing this work out. (Well, for awhile most likely. T25 will be next) Even though there's no crying in P90X.

The first time doing this workout in February. I barely made it to 29 total standard push ups. 17 in the first half 12 in the second.

This time, I did 42 in the first half and 29 in the second. Again, granted I'm not making out with the floor on my way down each time. But still. Some nice progress.

In fact I set records on every single exercise, when comparing the 2 previous times I did P90X back in 08 & 09. So...

(2) Nutri Grain Waffles with Butter and Syrup


Turkey and Cheese Sandwich

String Cheese

Salad. With Chicken in it.

Once more. For Old Times Sake. Call out your SOUP!

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