Friday, June 6, 2014

P90X DAY 91: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps and 8 Plyo Pushups.

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STUFF FOR 5/19/14
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During PHASE 2 Last month, with this workout, I was irritated with just about every exercise. I even decided this was the workout I hated the most. Even more than PLYO. Until I did PLYO again, the next day.

Anyway. This time around I did the SLOW/FAST pushups and wasn't about ready to completely collapse. Only slightly collapse.

I attempted the One Arm Pushups. I could slightly bend my arm, but could not get much depth, so I had to use my knees. Last Month I did not think it would be possible to even do one. Now. I think it will only be slightly impossible to do a good one. So, there's some Optimism for you.

With the PLYO pushups, I sort of felt like I did when I finally got into to a College:

I actually did 8. I was still pretty certain I had a good chance of landing flat on my face and breaking my nose.

So, after today's workout, the only thing special about me is, I haven't busted my nose doing Plyo pushups.

(2) Slices of Rye Bread & Butter
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich
Shrimp and French Fries


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