Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some Rambling Thoughts on the First 45 Days.

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Well, a few things. For one, I am getting in pretty decent shape. Though, I suppose that is relative, considering the horrible shape I was in before I started.

I rolled off the couch on February 1 at 221lbs. Here's a before photo. I actually didn't realize somebody was taking my picture at the time or it would have probably turned out a bit better.
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Beginning 2/1. I did some running, and a couple P90X DVD's just to get myself accustomed to actually moving again. I started offically on 2/18. Now I'm down to 205lbs.

I had to battle through a horrible freakin' tooth ache that resulted in a root canal followed by some sort of Black Death Plague straight from the Middle Ages. Well, I think of it as a Plague. And I still kept pushing play, So:

As for the P90X program itself, I told myself I would start doing the AB Ripper once I got in the 2nd phase. I think I'm going to bag it altogether for this entire round. I'll see what kind of Abs I can get with no AB Ripper.

For anybody who has had the misfortune of following my blog, you know that I'm not exactly replacing AB Ripper with a bag of potato chips and a couch. Among other things, I work in Yoga another 2-3 times a week on top of the already scheduled programming for the DVD of the 4th day.

I also deviated from the program because I bagged Kenpo. I prefer to just go running on that Kenpo day. I actually don't mind running and I definitely burn more calories anyway doing things MY WAY.

I think that is also part of the reason, I've achieved a small victory and made it to 45 days. I tailored a bit of the program to keep myself going. I “Pam the Blammed it,” and modified, modified, modified.
I'd actually recommend replacing Kenpo with some other sort of physical activity that you actually like to do. It helps break up the program a bit and gives you something to look forward to other than staring at a screen for a 6th or 7th time in a week.

Along with Modifying, I have not done the Yoga X program all the way through. Again, Mentally, an hour and half seems like 2 days. So, for the majority of the time, I only did the first half hour, but again, counting the offical Yoga day, I've been doing THAT first half hour, 3-4 times a week. Since I've entered Phase 2 I've now included the Right Angle poses and the Prayer Twists. Starting Phase 3 I'll include the Warrior 3's.

Regrets, I had a few:
I guess maybe subconsciously, I did not think I would follow through, so I did not take any pictures on February 1, or even February 18 when I started "officially."

The first "before" pictures I have, aside from the one listed above are from 3/2/14. So, I really regret that, especially after all the progress I've made. It would have been nice to have the pictures when I first started.

Also, I never took the fitness test and I never took any measurements. Again, I think perhaps subconsciously, I was like, what the hell's the point? I won't make it that far anyway.

My advice is, don't be like me. Take pictures the day you start, take measurements and TAKE THE FIT TEST. You WILL regret it if you don't.

For food, I have not so much as opened the diet plan. I'm just eating healthier. Well, that's a relative term. Healthier for me. Maybe "slightly better" is a more appropriate terminology.
Now that I have adopted the exercise program and somewhat better eating practices, (though, I'm sure somebody would debate me on that,) I'm going to just keep doing what I'm doing and see what type of results I end up with at 90 days.

Speaking of 90 Days.

I have not followed the schedule either. I did 2 extra weeks of Phase 1. and I will be doing 1 extra week of phase 2 as I want the 2nd recovery week to lead into the Softball tournament I playing in to honor my friend

So, even though I am at the half way point. I actually consider 55 Days my official half way point as I'll be doing P110X, Which means I'll be done on 6/11

After That? I'd like to try something else. At the moment I'm leaning more towards Insanity.

Oh yeah. I tried to grow a Beard Like in Rocky IV, when he's training in Russia. It didn't turn out too well. As I mentioned when I started the best I could do as far as facial hair was somewhere between Joe Dirt and a woman.
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RIP ROCKY IV BEARD 2/22 - 3/16.

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