Tuesday, July 15, 2014

P90X DAY 147: Yoga & Chest/Back AND Resisting the Temptation to Eat to "Feel Better."

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Today was actually one of my most challenging days I have had, since I started P90X. I prefer NOT to use this blog to whine about stuff. Don't get me wrong. I COMPLAIN about stuff, A LOT, though usually just in a crotchety old man sort of way. And I try to keep it light and force in some attempts at humor. Albeit poor attempts.

The Challenge lies in the fact, that this is/was just a tough day. A couple of months really. I suppose it's been building up. And I let it happen. I just been taking a beating all around, stuff not going right at work. Things going wrong with the house. Despite my amazing wife's attempts to cheer me up, I actually found myself depressed. Maybe depressed. I don't want to make light of depression. Plus, I felt hesitant to even post it, because in a lot of ways it's trivial. People are always going through something more trying. But, I definitely was feeling stressed and somewhat lost. If that makes any sense.

When it came time for Chest/Back all I wanted to do was drink beer and shovel a bunch of food into my mouth. It's weird how even now, I thought to myself, "food'll make me feel better." Just goes to show it's still a struggle, no matter what day you are on.

With that in mind. I forced myself down stairs. Forced myself to push play and forced myself not to eat a bucket of ice cream or whatever else that would have come into my line of vision.

When I started in February. This would NOT have happened. I know it. I would have bagged the workout. Ate a small village. Then. Felt even worse about myself.

I included this today, really just to show, there's always going to be some bad days. And that's when we have to push the hardest to get through it.

It's not easy. I doubt it will ever be easy. BUT. It does get easier. Keep going.

I thought this clip was sort of appropriate:

STUFF FOR 7/14/14
Just the first half hour.

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Hand Grips   
20lbs x20 Each Hand x2
20lbs Inverted x20 Each Hand x2
150lbs x8 Each Hand x3
200lbs x5 Each Hand x3 
200lbs Inverted x5 Each Hand x3 
250lbs Negatives (Hold for 5 sec) Each Hand x3

2 Miles 

(2) Waffles with Butter/Syrup
Salad with Chicken in it. No Dressing
Turkey and Cheese Sandwich on Rye


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