Tuesday, July 8, 2014

P90X DAYS 136-139: July 4th Vacation.

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My Wife and I, AND our Puggle went on a small vacation for the weekend. So, the majority of my days were spent with a Coors Lite in my hand, staring at the lake.
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My friend who we lost also had a birthday. It's still really tough, not having him here. And, I know that will never change. There's even some fleeting seconds where I wonder what he's up to and am almost ready to send a text. Funny how the mind works. 

There's rarely an hour that goes by that there isn't something that reminds of me of him. I truly believe I'll see him again some day and hear his laugh in person, rather than something I just have etched in my memory.

3 Miles a day x 3
My Dog and his 4th of July Bandana, and I went for 3 (1) Mile Walks each day. So, I did actually sort of get some light exercise in.
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I also cut the lawn up there. It's pretty rocky in parts, so of course, I took one of the side of my head. 

July 3rd - July 6th

July 3rd - July 6th

Most notably I ate a whole box of Soft Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. By myself.

and, somehow, a Wedge of Pecorino Romano Cheese.

I put those "accomplishments" on here for a few reasons. Not just to brag. 

Not Really.

My philosophy this time around was not counting calories as it is, however, I have tried to at least keep track of what I've been eating. Being on vacation, all of that sort of just went out the window.

I did not feel like accounting for each and everything I decided eat. As it was early and often. Rest Assured. It wasn't salads.

I think I would have beat myself up pretty good when I first started had I stuffed my face like this for 4 days. Now. I just look it at as a break. And I'm going to get right back to doing what I was doing on Monday. Hitting the workouts hard and trying to improve my diet. Little By Little. 

I think that's part of the key to it as well. So what? You had a few bad days? Keep going. That's all there is to it. 

In the end I only gained a pound. Which is a miracle. BUT, even if it was more. That really wouldn't matter. I'll just pick right up where I left off. 

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