Wednesday, July 30, 2014

P90X DAYS 156-162: My LOST Week.

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My LOST Week.

I'll start off with LOST is my all time favorite show. I didn't binge watch the show this week. Though, I probably could have.

I could bore you with the specifics, but if you have never watched LOST, it's on Netflix and well worth it.

Some people complain about the ending, but I thought it was great. The show was about the Characters. Not the Island.

Anyway. I planned on Working out Tuesday 7/22. And. I sort of did. Almost.

I began doing Chest/Back and realized that mouth, from having my tooth pulled, was bleeding pretty good. I am assuming it was due to all the pressure I was putting on my Empty head trying to do Military Pushups. Partially, also do to the fact I did not follow anything the Dentist told me NOT to do, after he ripped the tooth out.

After that. The next few days I felt really awful having caught some type of Fever/Cold thing, that had me sweating, then freezing every other minute or so.

I wasted the good part of a week. Tuesday 7/22/14 to Monday 7/28/14. Normally, I would have gone all Sawyer, and expressed my frustration with this turn of events in the following sort of manner:

However, after having been doing this almost 6 months, (working out. not cursing my head off) I don't really see it that way anymore. Sure, it is sort of annoying having taken that much time off. I did not exactly eat well, AND I could have probably even worked out Sunday with no problem. Or Monday for that Matter.

I said it before and I'll keep saying it. I'm trying to change my life, so what's a LOST week really matter in the grand scheme of things? Nothing.

I'll be back at it Tuesday 7/29

In closing. One of my Favorite Scenes from LOST:

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