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Getting started with my P90X Experiment. PRE 90X: to P90X. Part 1.

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I have accounted for nearly everyday, (Day 9 on) since I "officially" started P90X on 2/18/14.

However, I "unofficially" got myself off the Couch on 2/1/14. So, I figured it could be helpful if I posted what I did, WAY back then.

To Start. I started Slow. From stopping and starting at various different attempts to unfatten myself over the last few years, I learned going 110% right at the start did not work for me.

This time around, I wanted to almost trick myself. Start smaller. Start slower. Then Eventually, Hopefully, Mentally have myself wanting to do the workouts, rather than just forcing myself through them, like an hour long root canal everyday.

Don't get me wrong. There are certainly still days where I have to force myself through a workout. IN FACT, I just had one. Though, with results and progress, They are fewer and farther between.

In the past, I found I'd go at the workouts and diet 110%, then get completely burned out. And quit.

The programs work. T25. P90X. Whatever. They work.

I just needed to find a way to get them to work for me.

Even with a different approach. Truthfully. I did not think I would stick with it. I did not take any before pictures on 2/1/14 and I never attempted to measure any of my flab. The picture below is from about a year earlier, though it is pretty accurate for my starting point.

I'm not close to done yet and don't really plan to be. There's still a good amount of Doughy Flab to iron out and P90X Exercises I cannot come close to mastering. But it's a process, I'll get there eventually. I already came this far.

I wanted to give a perspective of where I was when I started. So. here we go.

 photo results1_zps3ec79510.png

There was a lot of Ice cream in the stomach on the top left. There's still Ice Cream in the one on the right. Just slightly less.

Aside from that though. I have no record of what I ate before I actually started blogging about it. Since my memory is somewhat hazy. I am assuming it was strictly salad and some type of trendy-pretentious-hipster-bullshit.

Eh. Most likely McDonald's, Doughnuts and Pizza. And Pancakes. And Beer. Well, more Beer than Normal. *More Beer than Normal for Me.

In regards to Diet. I'd recommend writing down everything you normally eat for a week. Then try to improve it. And keep improving.

Let's face it. Eating McDonald's every day for 3 years and then a 180 switch to stuffing salad down your throat is a helluva change. A gradual change is more likely to stick. In my opinion. So. That's been my philosophy.

1.5 Miles
.5 Miles

A much needed Day of Rest after that .5 Mile Walk.

Plyo X
Not sure what the hell I was thinking to do this workout right away.

The notes I wrote on the calendar I was using simply state. "Awful!" I DO remember taking a lot of breaks and doing A LOT of modifying on the Exercises. 

For the next 5 days, all I did was walk 2.25 Miles.

Suffice it to say. Plyo kicked my ass. 

Another good reason to start slow. I remember being so wiped out that I was really considering just scrapping the whole thing.  

In The Beginning. Do What you Need to Do to Keep Yourself Going. 

If you have to Modify every single Exercise or only do half the DVD or workout for the first weeks, months? Who Cares? If that is going to build you up to doing the whole thing eventually, and keep you going, what does it matter? The key is to be able to find a way to stick with the programs and stay with improving your diet. What good is it if you follow Each Workout Perfectly and Eat Perfect for 2 weeks THEN burn yourself out and quit?

190 Days + later, I have found it does get easier. The hardest part is staying motivated at the beginning.

3.15 Miles
1.25 Miles

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As I do with all the workouts I include my "workout sheets."

For me, I have found it helpful and motivating to see what other people are doing. So, I am hoping perhaps having this info on here can help someone as well.

Call me crazy, but reading some quote on Twitter made by Winston Churchill does nothing to motivate me to workout and/or eat better.

Let's try it.
"The Empires of the Future are Empires of the Mind."
- Winston Churchill

Feeling Motivated for Plyometrics and Eating that Salad now?

No? Are You Serious?

Well, how about now?
 photo 205px-winston_churchill_1941_photo_by_yousuf_karsh_zps0a24e435.jpg

Chances are you will have forgotten what the quote was moments after you scrolled past it. Don't get me wrong. Winston Churchill was a GREAT man who led an inspiring life.

Everybody is different. But for me. For working out. For trying to eat better and improve my life.

Results, unlike Quotes, are motivational.

Reading about other people's struggles, progress and results, as I struggle, IS Motivation.

Typing a sentence, that "somebody" once said, somehow, just doesn't seem to do it for me.

Unless it's this:
 photo waterfall_zps0307ae98.jpg

or this:
 photo 10256384_691138080939249_8007483707182602904_n_zpsb6f71f2b.jpg

Ah. Inspiring.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm about to go for a 45 Mile Run.

Smart Ass Sarcasm aside.

To Each his or her own.

If a Winston Churchill or Eleanor Roosevelt quote is going to whip you into shape, more power to you.

My Non-Affinity toward quotes could have something to do with the fact I've only read 1 book in the last 15 years. And that was Rocky III in novel form. Seriously. I'm not making that up.

Anyway. Like I said. "Do what you need to do to keep yourself going." Especially early on.

Well, shit.

Now I'm quoting myself. I suppose that's either some sort of Double Hypocrisy or a Dimension Shattering Paradox. Scrolling through all these quotes which I then forget 15 minutes later, is starting to rub off on me.

Quick somebody post something by Marcus Aurelius.

Plyo X

Attempting Plyo again. This time around I did not fair much better. I actually remember thinking I did worse.

Just to drag myself through it, AGAIN, I had to take a large variety of breaks and modified most of the exercises.

The only thing I did for these 3 days was to honor Valentines Day by running 5 miles and almost giving myself a Heart Attack.

I did not use MapMyRun, so I'm not sure what my pace was. I'm fairly certain, it was probably around a 14 minute Mile or so. Which. At the time. I thought was fast.

Hence the near Heart Attack.

I took Saturday off.

Sunday I went for a 2 mile Run and did some light weight lifting. I don't have a record of exactly what I lifted though, I'm fairly certain it was not much and depicted a show of terrible form.

I decided I was ready to officially start P90X on 2/18/14. So. I gave myself one more day of rest.

I'd like to Ironically leave you with an Inspiring and Motivating Quote.
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