Tuesday, September 16, 2014

P90X Days 207-208: Back/Biceps and Working out with a Heart Rate Monitor.

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I finally broke down and got myself a Heart Monitor. It's really pretty Awesome.

I went with the Polar FT4 model. You can get it for $90+ at DICK'S Sporting Goods, but if you click on the Heart Rate Monitors Tab on my Blog, there's a good site that sells this particular model for $59.44 with Free Shipping.

The site is actually even cheaper than most of the eBay auctions that I have seen.

Anyway. As I have been keeping track of everything I've been doing since February, I'm actually sort of bummed, I did not have a Heart Rate Monitor when I started. It would have been nice to use it to track my progress.

It's way more accurate than the "Calories Burned" Feature on MapMyRun. Unfortunately. The MapMyRun app, had me burning near 300 Calories on my 2 mile walks at lunch. The reality is, I was actually burning only about half of that.

Here's a good Calculator for Heart Rate. Click anywhere on the Picture below to get started.
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Here's another good link for Heart Rate Info:

Heart Rate Calculator

Max Heart Rate Definition

When determining your heart rate limits, you will want to use the max heart rate calculator to get an acceptable estimate of the rates that are right for your age. There are some important things to consider aside from age that can affect maximum heart rates, however. For example, consider the following:

How to Use the Max Heart Rate Calculator

To use this FREE online calculator, simply put your age into the Max Heart Rate Health Calculator and find out your max heart rate instantly!

Max Heart Rate Advice

Exercising, stress and many other events can raise your heart rate significantly. Learning your maximum heart rate using a Max Heart Rate Calculator can help you exercise safely, without damaging your heart. Age is the number one factor in determining your maximum heart rate per minute, but your overall health is also important to consider.

  • You cannot damage your heart through exercise unless you have a condition that already affects the heart. For example, a history of heart attack may lower the acceptable heart rate for you personally. Athletes and those that are very physically active may be able to push their heart rate higher than their age suggests, on the other hand.
  • If you live a very sedentary lifestyle, your heart rate limits will be much lower than your age would suggest. Those who are just beginning to exercise after being sedentary for a long period of time will need to allow their heart rate to increase in smaller increments over time than those already living an active lifestyle.
  • Typically, a healthy adult cannot exceed their max heart rate. You will usually only be able to exert the amount of energy that your body is capable of, which in turn limits your heart rate to the number that you are able to achieve. Pushing yourself beyond capable limits is a difficult task to accomplish.
Of course, using a Max Heart Rate Calculator is a good idea if you are just now beginning a workout plan and want to use a heart rate monitor during your routine. Checking your heart rate often and sticking to the number suggested by your doctor can also be very important if you have experienced heart trouble in the past, however. Some conditions that can affect your max heart rate include:

  • Previous history of heart attack, stroke, or other heart related illness.
  • Pregnant women may want to ask their doctor about max heart rates if they exercise on a regular basis.
  • If you begin to feel breathless during exercise, you should slow down regardless of age or suggested maximum heart rate.

Max Heart Rate Exercise Tips

Exercising based on a max heart rate calculators suggestions can be a great way to enhance your heart health. If you begin to feel out of breath, resting for a few moments can be a good way to allow your body to catch up and remove the waste that accumulates in the bloodstream as a result of exercising. Some suggestions to improve heart health include these three simple ideas.
1. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle and want to get into shape, talk to your doctor about what kind of exercise would be ideal for you. Most doctors will suggest a brisk walk for thirty minutes a day and elevating your heart rate for at least a few moments of the walk to increase heart health.
2. Aerobic exercise happens anytime your heart rate increases, and is one of the best types of exercise for heart health. Aerobic exercise can be any type of movement that increases the heart rate, whether you are energetically vacuuming the rug or going for a jog.
3. Sticking to your max heart rate suggestions will allow you to build heart health safely. If you are worried about heart rate when exercising, speaking to your physician can help you alleviate your fears and concerns.
You may also want to check out Target Heart Rate calculator

How to Calculate Max Heart Rate

Let's be honest - sometimes the best max heart rate calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the max heart rate formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating max heart rate then please check out the "Formula" box above.

2 Miles

Chocolate Shakeology
(12) Chick Fila Nuggets
Half Cheese Steak/Fries
Slice of Pizza
(5) Coors Lites

 photo backbiceps1_zpsab1d1532.jpg  photo backbiceps_zpsb96c4950.jpg photo lbackbice_zps5811d361.jpg  
Heart Rate AVG 132
Max 162
Calories Burned 629

Ab Ripper X
 photo labs_zpsaa66b01e.jpg  
Heart Rate AVG 116
Max 145
Calories Burned 147

Heart Rate AVG 116
Max 141
Calories Burned 251

2 Miles
Heart Rate AVG 96
Max 109
Calories Burned 169

Hand Grips 
20lbs x20 Each Hand x3
20lbs Inverted x20 Each Hand x3
150lbs x10 Each Hand x2
150lbs Inverted x10 Each Hand x2
200lbs x3 Each Hand x3
200lbs Inverted x3 Each Hand x3
250lbs Negatives (Hold for 3 sec) Each Hand x3

Chocolate Shakeology
(12) Chick Fila Nuggers
Half Cheese Steak/Fries
(5) Coors Lites

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