Wednesday, November 12, 2014

P90X Day 1: Chest/Back And The Reluctant Morning Person.

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As I mentioned in my previous post.

I gave up doing any sort of workout for about a month to spend more time with my Grandmom. I'm grateful for every minute I was able to be with her.

Even before the news that my Grandmom's cancer had become untreatable, I was thinking I was wasting too much of my time working out at night.

As with everything I do. I screw around too much. On any particular day, before I get started with a workout, I might have to go look at a Youtube video I just thought of, that I had not seen for 5 years. Or. Maybe I forgot to pet my dog enough. Woah, look there's a butterfly. Call it procrastination. Whatever. Eventually I get my workout in. Eventually.

Dragging my feet. Working Late at work some nights. It all added up to the fact that I was not spending enough time with my wife. She might not have minded. Ha. But, I did.

So. The only option really, was, this time around WORK OUT in the morning. Something I have never done. Well, on a weekend I might get my Legs/Back Routine in around 10:30. To me. That's morning.

But, I'm talking morning MORNING now. Real Morning. 6AM morning.

I decided I had to give it a shot.

As 5:50 rolled around, I thought. This is gonna get ugly.

I was already making excuses as I stared at the ceiling waiting for my alarm to go off.
1. My P90X Shoes were in my car.
2. I "might" wake up my wife looking for one of the tank tops I use for my workouts.
3. Despite I'm working out indoors. It's too cold outside.

Eventually, I forced myself up.

It was not bad at all. If anything I had more energy.

I decided I was going to trick myself into working out early, (at first) by only doing the Reps and Weights I used when I first did Chest/Back, all the way BACK in February.

In the end. It wasn't an easy workout. For one. I had a month off. It's crazy how quick your fitness level starts to go South with any sort of extended break. Two. When I started in February, my Form probably looked more like a full bodied dry heave.

FOR THIS WORKOUT. I concentrated and did slow reps. For every pushup move, I was kissing the floor.

So, while I thought I would get away with an "easy" workout. And though some of the # of Reps may have been the same as back in February. It WASN'T and they WEREN'T.

In the end. I can't believe how much I liked the fact that my workout for the day was now over with. NOW granted, IT'S JUST ONE DAY, but I'm sort of mad I had not given morning workouts a shot before.

It was almost like I learned some new Magic Trick. I was going around asking people all day, "Did you know you can workout in the mornings?"

So. For the time being anyway. Morning workouts are. OK.

As for the time I spent with my wife? A very productive one. Watching TV and eating homemade soup.

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Ab Ripper X
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2 Miles

Heavy x 5 *** Light x 5
Heavy x 5 *** Light x 5 
Heavy x 5 *** 33oz x 5

Chocolate Shakeology

Chocolate Shakeology
(2) Bowls of Soup
(3) Biscuits with Butter

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