Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Note for My Grandmom: And Starting Over.

Back to Starting Over.


For a brief summary, WELL, as brief as a rambling person who likes the sound of his own voice can be (Or more accurately, the sound of his own typing) I've been away for about a month.

Starting 2/1/14, I began to get back in shape, AND even with some off days here, some light weeks there, and PLENTY of struggles, I've stuck with it until October. A World Record. Well. For me anyway.

The 2nd week in October, I found out the cancer that my Grandmom had, was now untreatable. For somebody who never smoked and rarely ever drank, this horrible disease was aggressively spreading in her lungs and liver.

Thinking about it now. I'm angry. I'm angry this had to happen to her. I cannot fathom in anyway, how there would be a "plan" for this.

I'm sure everybody thinks of their own Grandmother with the same feelings as I do toward mine. She was perfect. A special, sweet person, who I always wanted to be around.

When I heard this horrible news, I stopped with the workouts and spent as much time with her as I could.

As some of you may already know, I lost my Dad suddenly last year. Losing my Grandmom was definitely a different type of hurt. And it was truly heartbreaking watching this person that I loved with all my heart, slip away.

I'm grateful for the time I got to spend with her and just how lucky I was to have her. And even though she made it to 85, to me, she still left us too soon.

I was not able to read the Eulogy I wrote, but we included it in the handouts at her funeral.

So, I figured I'd include it here. Trying to summarize how much somebody means to me in just a few paragraphs is impossible. But, I gave it shot.

I feel truly thankful to have had a Grandmother in my life for as long as I have. And grateful and proud, that my Grandmom, was the special person we are all here to remember today.

I just wanted to put together some words, to hopefully express how wonderful she was, and how special she was to me, and to everybody who knew her.

She was so many things to so many people.

To me, no one could ever embody what a Grandmother is, more than my Grandmom. It was almost as if she studied and went to school for it. But, that was just who she was. How she lived her life.

She was kind, caring, and there for anybody who needed her. She was always willing to lend a hand. Or a snack. Usually both.

My grandparents were married for 64 happy years. My Grandpop was the love of her life. Together, they raised a family and created MANY happy memories.

I always wanted to be around my Grandmom.

When my sister and I were little, we would actually fight over something as ridiculous as who would get to sit behind her in the car. "I'm sitting on Grandmom's side!" we would call it.

I think, eventually, we worked it out where we would alternate. However, I usually kept track, so with some clever bookkeeping, I probably was the one who got to spend most of our trips driving up the Poconos, staring at the back of Grandmom's head.

When I look back now, I'm especially grateful for all the summers we were able to spend with my Grandparents up there. 

When we were younger, Grandmom would have our lunches made and she would spend the whole day at the Beach with us.

Some people like to joke that Grandmom made my sister and I wear life jackets until we were in our 20's. But, that's not exactly true. Well, for me anyway. I was 19. Tops. But, I think Melissa may have been something like 27.

Grandmom had a lot of hobbies. She loved making crafts and doing Crossword Puzzles. AND she was always ready for a trip to the Casino.

Grandmom also liked Music. She once told me that her favorite singer was Bobby Darin. However, when we would drive to Disney World, my dad would have his Classic Rock on the radio, and even though she NEVER heard the song before, you wouldn't know it. Something like "Stairway to Heaven" would come on and Grandmom would be humming along to it. I remember thinking, "Wow, Grandmom knows Led Zeppelin."

Along with all the other amazing qualities my Grandmom had, I'm a bit biased, but my favorite was that she was always spoiling her family. But, especially her grandchildren.

From a young age, if I was I mad at my mom and dad, I would threaten to go move in with Grandmom. Even now, if I'm not getting my way, I threaten my wife that I'm going to go live at Grandmom's house. Which, she would probably be okay with.

My Grandmom put everybody else first.

Even one night recently when I was with her, I could tell she was tired, but she held my hand really tight and she was trying to stay awake, just for me. She wanted to comfort me, even though I was the one that should have been comforting her.

All this time I always knew how lucky I was to have her, and what an amazing person my Grandmom was, but what I did not know was how tough she was. She was a fighter. Despite everything she had been through, she never once complained. She just kept fighting. She was the strongest person I know. 

And, even though she lost her battle with cancer, She won at life, AND we all won for knowing her and having her in our lives.

I love you Grandmom. Until we meet again. Keep the Deck of Cards Ready.

Say Hi to my Dad and Uncle Joe


As for the workouts. Even before I found out the news about my Grandmom, I really began to think I was wasting too much time at night trying to get them in.

Don't get me wrong. Obviously, working out and eating right are incredibly important, but I really started to feel that I was putting too much of an emphasis on them, and not as much on way more important aspects of my life.

I'd get hung up at work. I'd be late getting home, then I'd try to get in a Round of Plyometrics in, and the next thing I know it's 9 at night. I wanted to spend more time with my wife, and not worry about dragging myself down the basement to do some Jump Knee Tucks. WHICH meant the only way to do THAT was to work out in the morning. Something I had never done.

As I write this, I have got in my First morning workout. Ever. P90X DAY 1 Chest/Back. Which I will ramble on about tomorrow.

That said, so far, so good.

Maybe I can be a morning person.

Don't forget the important things in life. :)

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